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We are thrilled to be at the forefront of a future where brands create content that genuinely enriches lives rather than disrupt meaningful media consumption.
At chapter we are all about long format storytelling. After years of being inside the rat race to the bottom, hunting to trim down any possible seconds of a brands commercial message, we now feel it's time for something different.
We strongly believe that by providing consumers with truthful, insightful and fun to watch content you can form a much stronger connection. It's time to not just solely provide them with the information you want to send. But think from their perspective about the type of content they are interested in. And while doing so, do it in the most honest, truthful, vulnerable and insightful way possible. That's the advertising world we hope to live in, in a few years.

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When was the last time you cared about an advertisement?

We stand resolute in our belief that brands and advertisers must revolutionarily change the way they look at content creation to retain their sparkling relevance in the future.
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