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Het Nieuwe Geld

Seizoen 2


An investment in cryptocurrency led Reinjan to become captivated by the financial market in 2016. Five years later, he thinks he sees the undesirable symptoms that he observed in himself on a large scale in society. With 1.9 million investing households, a quarter of the young people involved in crypto, an overheated housing market, and a pension system that has to achieve returns on the stock market for almost all Dutch people, it seems as if we, as a society, are at the mercy of the whims of the market.

Banks and investment companies provide Reinjan with tools to make entering stocks as barrier-free as possible. Self-proclaimed crypto experts on YouTube point him to the immense 'return on investments' that lie ahead for him. And real estate companies want to teach him how to make his money work for him.

How did we get here? How did we, as a society, become so enthralled by the financial market?

Nominee - Dutch Podcast Awards 2022  
Shortlist - Radio/Podcast - Dutch Directors Guild
Nominee - Dutch Podcast Awards 2021

In the media
BNR -Cryptocast
BNR -The Friday Move
Quote Magazine
Financieel Dagblad
De Stentor
Noord-Hollands Dagblad

Season 1: 10 episodes x 25min
Season 2: 10 episodes x 30min

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