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Laat jongens jongens zijn

Boys and girls are equal but not the same. Educators in the Netherlands sometimes overlook the fact that boys develop and learn differently than girls.

Boys learn more through discovery, experimentation, taking risks, and doing. In recent years, educators seem to appreciate "boys' behavior" less.

Restraining boys hinders their development. From a scientific perspective, there are different views on whether the differences between boys and girls are innate or arise from upbringing. However, there is a consensus that attention should be paid to this subject.

SIRE aims to make all Dutch caregivers reflect on their behavior towards boys. So that boys have the space to develop in a way that suits them.

Reinjan Prakke


Bronze Effie 2018
SAN Accent 2017 'Non Profit & Government'
SAN Accent 2017 'Branding


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