Music video
3 minutes


Will o’ the Wisp

Discover 'Will o' The Wisp', a riveting audio-visual experience that seamlessly merges folklore and musical artistry. The band declares that this track, inspired by a folk tale about a mysterious light that hovers above marshlands, is one of their favorites from their latest album. The atmosphere of the song is profoundly influenced by the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac and Santana.

The spirit of the Will o’ The Wisp - a beguiling yet deadly light that could lead astray wanderers to their doom in the treacherous marshes - comes alive in this film. The filmmaker, Damien Hope, known for the documentary 'Dedication' featuring Pablo van de Poel, was so moved by the track that he proposed to create a video clip for it.

With a compact crew, Damien traveled to picturesque Scotland to shoot this breathtaking film. The result is a stunning piece of art that masterfully captures the mystique of the Will o’ the Wisp. It perfectly complements the band's music and powerfully brings to life the story and emotions behind it.

Damien Hope

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