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Why we exist

We are living in a remarkable time, a tipping point in history. We are confronted with an ecological crisis, a political deadlock and we must adapt to the ever-accelerating digitalization of society. This contributes to an increasingly complex world, where social media dominates the narrative, resulting in a significant decline in social cohesion. Now more than ever, this situation fosters in us a strong longing for depth, nuance, and connection.

We firmly believe that long-form storytelling is part of the solution to challenge the short-term thinking prevalent in the attention economy. Whether we tell stories for brands, governments or NGO's, our core principle is to create stories that add long-term value to people's lives. 

So let us leverage the tools that social media offers to engage people with our stories, while refraining from getting caught in a race to the bottom where we solely compete for attention on social media channels. To guide us on this path, we embrace the following principles:

  1. Add value
    Let's focus on creating content that genuinely enriches lives and tells stories that touch the soul. We constantly have to question ourselves: What truly matters to our audience? What unique insights can we deliver? Is this production furthering human connection?
  2. Be real
    New digital technologies such as generative artificial intelligence will blur the line between what is real and what is fake. We anticipate and sense a growing need for authentic, genuine, and truthful content. That is why we focus on non-fiction stories that showcase authentic individuals. Stories that reveal the joys of life, while not shying away from the struggles that inevitably arise from time to time.
  3. Show courage
    We live in an era where society increasingly demands that brands show courage by making their stance on social issues clear. Embrace this change! Dare to speak out, show your vulnerability. It's an act of strength that will result in a deeper connection with your audience (and a stronger brand image). 
  4. Reach depth
    In these times where societal problems are substantial, and content driven by social media is becoming shorter and shorter, we see and feel a need for more in-depth, long-format content that provides context about the society in which we live, such as documentaries, films and storytelling podcasts. Let's cheer and embrace this movement, for it offers us a fantastic opportunity to have more meaningful, substantial, and long-lasting conversations with our audience. The era of superficial flashes is over; depth is the new 'cool'.

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